Many Wonder

What is 40 Acre Cooperative All About?


Even some wonder, what is a cooperative in the first place?

What is a co-op, and what is its purpose?

Here, becoming a part of the 40 Acre Co-Op means gaining access to valuable, vital resources. This includes gaining contact with industry experts all across the country. Phone calls, webinars, and even one-on-one sessions are all possible to guide you in the right direction. You deserve all the support and help you need – which is why we’re here to extend a hand and make sure you get that support.


Becoming a member of 40 Acre Cooperative also means having mentorship and community. We’ve carefully developed a community of mentors that specialize across different sectors of agriculture, business management, USDA regulations and technology. These mentors will give you the resources, advice, and knowledge you need to become sustainable.


Because sustainability is part of what being in a co-op is all about. We want to help guide you on how to reach that sustainable level of living and farming. When you become a member, you unlock much lower costs for seed and discount prices on ag equipment as well as knowledge on how to grow your farm and business.


Joining 40 Acre Co-Op doesn’t just make you an investor or a volunteer. It makes you part of a community. This community, full of valuable information, support, and understanding is ready to help you discover how important farming is to your legacy – and to you.

A co-op is a business owned and controlled by the people, voluntarily. 40 acre Cooperative is proud to be the first national black farmer co-op since the reconstruction era in the United States. It starts with us, and it only grows from here. Together, let’s never stop giving back.


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