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Introducing Superwoman. The first hemp seed we offer to farmers nationwide, Superwoman S1 is an extraordinary CBD strain. Made up of 14.45% CBD and only 0.34% THC, it’s CBD to THC ratio is a whopping 43 to 1.


Heavily CBD-dominant, its lineage stems from a refined, stable series of self-pollinations and back crosses. This makes the Superwoman cultivar suitable for several climates across the country, including the southeast, midwest, and northeast.


We wanted Superwoman to stand out – we wanted our strain to earn its name. That’s why farmers can note its 99+% feminization rate and 90+% germination rate. They can also note its unique size and style.


Superwoman was genetically designed for its adaptive ability to thrive in various climates. We’re proud to say that our strain has the power to out yield and outperform some of the best genetics in the hemp game right now.


With a swift indoor harvest range (or outdoors in early to mid-October in ideally a 5×5 space) of just 9 weeks, it can yield 2.5 to 5 lbs. per dry plant. Superwoman also pleases the aesthetic side of the industry, we’re happy to note. With a complex profile of light to dark orange pistils intertwined throughout 50 shades of greens and aroma, it keeps the eye’s attention.


The aroma and flavor combination that comes with it is what makes it truly unforgettable. Scents of garlic pepper and sweet cherries in a cheesy funk fill the air, and the flavors stun the tongue with a parmesan cheese and grenadine covered cherries wrapped up in a garlicky profile.


Here at 40 acre Cooperative, we care deeply about every strain we’ve carefully cultivated. Superwoman is certainly no different, which is why we’re so proud to offer it to the nation. We hope we can continue to pay it forward and help underprivileged farmers across the USA.


Superwoman Seeds

One of the primary benefits our members enjoy is our expert resources in selecting and cultivating the highest quality seeds, and materials to help our farmers grow the best quality products in compliance with federal and state regulations.


Our initial offering is a starting with high quality hemp seeds. There are so many sustainable uses for this plant {use the man uses of hemp graphic} and as we produce more fruits, vegetables, grains and other crops, we will add to the catalog of our seed bank. We are propagating seeds from around the world representing the many cultures and communities we serve.

We test out a variety of strains that have been regionalized for various growing climates and environmental conditions to help you make the best decision for your crop.


For this offering, we searched around the world and worked with farmer groups from as far away as Romania to find the best seeds to produce the best quality CBD for uses in industry. Our seeds are analyzed for performance, productivity, yield and quality, and we are always working to ensure that we improve on the genetics we offer, and the technical expertise and support we give to our members.