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Introducing Wunder  Woman, our best improvement on premium CBD Genetics this year.

Wunder Womxn is an extraordinary CBD strain. Made up of 19% CBD and only 0.37% THC, it’s the market game-changer that we have been searching for.



We pheno-hunted and grew test crop, after crop testing and measuring until we were satisfied that this is an industry-leading CBD strain that we are proud of.

This sativa-dominant CBD strain is the progeny of Cherry Wine x Sweet Wife and her status has been refined and stabilized over a series of self-pollinations and backcrosses. This makes the Wunder Womxn cultivar suitable for several climates.


We knew Wunder Woman will stand out – with her indoor-outdoor flexibility and her early and strong finishing times, we feel she earns her name.

Her large, tight buds pack the powerful combination of medicinal components, and her juicy flowers have a sweet, yet herbal taste.  She is said to give a feeling of overall relaxation and wellbeing, as a welcome retreat for the mind. We’re proud to say that our strain has the power to out yield and outperform some of the best genetics in the hemp game right now

The aroma and flavor combination that comes with it is what makes Wunder Woman truly unforgettable. Lingering scents of blueberry mixed with a lightly sweet and herbal fusion,  that when sparked ushers a danky waft to delightfully fill the air.  Ah, yes, that is a sigh of pleasure and relief, thanks to the reprieve from our daily grind that Wunder Woman offers.


Wunder Womxn Clones

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We test out a variety of strains that have been regionalized for various growing climates and environmental conditions to help you make the best decision for your crop. Productivity and yield will be impacted by the grower’s technique and experience with farming this delicate, yet resilient plant. We conduct research and collect data as part of our continuous improvement protocols. Working with an experienced grower is the best way to maximize your results.