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Supporting Black, Indigenous, and other Excluded Farmers

We are transitioning to our new online space, and have many updates please go to our new website for the latest news and updates for Spring 2021

Our new website is: www.fortyacre.coop

Why We Were Founded



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2021 Training

We have revamped our entire training program from the in-person sessions to the now blended sessions that will be online and include live and in person instruction or meetings. Enrollment for our 2021 Trainings will open April 1, 2021

Our Genetics

Our products and services solve problems: we provide certified genetics that has been tested and stabilized over a series of programs that were analyzed to create the most productive and efficient CBD plant on the market today.


The Co-op has membership Opportunities for farmers, investors and community supporters. The farmer member application is available on this site. Call the co-op for additional membership forms.


Our Response to COVID 19.



With the tremendous impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our food supply, 40 Acre Co-op is adjusting our grow plans to accommodate the need to supply critical food resources to communities in need.  We are launching a food security program to address the needs in the communities where our members farm. We are excited and a bit overwhelmed by the call to help farmers get back to growing for people, rather than corporations. This is an idea whose time has come.


Farmers Welcome!

We are a co-op by farmers, for farmers so we understand the challenges that are unique to our lifestyle.  We offer straightforward solutions that support the long-term sustainability of agriculture using the cooperative model. Visit our new website for the latest co-op updates.  


40 Acre Coop

ur mission here at 40 Acre Cooperative is to promote agricultural development, as well as economic equity for socially disadvantaged farmers. Because we know if all farmers had access to all the plentiful and rich agricultural resources available, we could solve many of today’s complex problems. All farmers gaining that access is what we’re here to do.


Black and indigenous farmers have been the backbone of the agricultural industry for centuries. In fact, many of the most significant conveniences we rely on today were invented by Black farmers and agriculturalists. Today, black farmers continue to face barriers shielded by systemic racism and exploitation that threatens their livelihood, and puts our entire food system at risk.

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