About Us

First (and only) Nationwide Cooperative Supporting Socially Disadvantaged Farmers

Our mission here at 40 Acre Cooperative is to promote agricultural development, as well as economic equity for socially disadvantaged farmers. Because we know if all farmers had access to all the plentiful and rich agricultural resources available, we could solve many of today’s complex problems. All farmers gaining that access is what we’re here to do.


Disadvantaged black farmers have been the backbone of the agricultural industry for centuries. In fact, they made significant contributions to American agriculture throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Now, black farmers are socially disadvantaged, making up less numbers by population now than ever before in American history.


In 1920, there were 925,710 African American farmers. Today, there are 45,508. We can change that, together. We can make those numbers rise again – and we’re going to.


We’re here at 40 Acre Co-Op to end the striking income and land ownership in American agriculture.


Because erasing Black farmers’ history is erasing an important era of American history.
Because Black farmers who own land have decreased so dramatically over the past generation that not only have we lost valuable agricultural resources to feed the world, we’ve lost a generation of economic and environmental solutions.
Because the land ownership and income disparities in America are a joke, and we’re not laughing anymore.

We wanted to use this co-ownership model to help level the farming fields and keep agriculture alive and thriving in the United States and in the world. Our co-op provides increased market power to everyone involved and it pools the risks across everyone instead of putting it all on one individual.


Through economies of size, we reduce the costs, and help farmers stay in the game and make a decent living while they are at it. From farm seeds, access to credit, we support your farms’ success. We do what it takes to ensure our members obtain quality supplies at a fair and/or lowered price with their membership. All producers who do business with the co-op are also eligible to participate in our equity shares program.


A co-op is a business owned and controlled by the people, voluntarily. 40 Acre Cooperative is proud to be the first national black farmer co-op since the reconstruction era in the United States. It starts with us, and it only grows from here. Together, let’s never stop giving back.